The district keeps the momentum of budget revenue growth

A positive sign, at the end of the first quarter of this year, in some localities, budget revenues reached quite a level in the non-state sector, showing that the production and business situation is on the recovery and upswing.

6/10 localities have good budget revenue

With the average average district budget revenue in the first quarter of 2023 being 30.2% of the estimate, the whole province has 6/10 localities exceeding revenue, with revenue growth over the same period including Tuy Phong, Bac Binh, Ham Thuan Nam. ; Duc Linh; Tanh Linh and Phu Quy. The remaining 4 localities of Phan Thiet, Ham Thuan Bac, La Gi and Ham Tan have lower revenue than the general average.

Effective production and business increase budget revenue. Photo: N.Lan

Bac Binh district is one of the localities with high first quarter budget revenue and revenue growth over the same period. Although land use fee revenue only reached 6 billion VND, equal to 10.52% of the estimate and a deep decrease of 61.15%, this locality in the first 3 months of the year maintained its growth momentum, earning 142 billion VND, reaching 48,000 VND. 1% of the estimate, up to 46.7% over the same period. Notably, in the foreign sector, revenue was 107 billion VND, reaching 76.6% of the estimate and increasing by 161.3%. Revenue increased mainly from Song Binh Mineral Joint Stock Company, which paid 45.8 billion VND; Hong Phong 1 Energy Joint Stock Company paid 18.7 billion VND; Ha Do Binh Thuan Co., Ltd. paid 10.8 billion VND; B.O.T Co., Ltd. National Highway 1A-Binh Thuan paid 6.2 billion VND; Hong Phong 2 Energy Joint Stock Company paid 4.7 billion VND… Duc Linh district collected 63 billion VND, reaching 54.91% of the estimate, an increase of 17.5%. Of which, revenue from land use fees decreased by 32.3% to only 2.7 billion VND; Non-state revenue was 46 billion VND, reaching 76.3% of the estimate and increasing by 53.1% thanks to the main revenue sources from Nam Ha-Duc Linh Co., Ltd. paying 30.18 billion VND; Chau Long Rubber Company Limited paid 1.7 billion VND; Ngoc Kim Ngan Binh Thuan Company Limited paid 1.2 billion VND… And in Ham Thuan Nam district, the total first quarter budget revenue was 103 billion VND, reaching 41.3% of the estimate, an increase of over 8.9%. Of which, non-state revenue was 66 billion VND, reaching 55.1% of the estimate, an increase of 88.4% over the same period thanks to revenue sources from Tan Quang Cuong Trading Co., Ltd., which paid 41.6 billion VND; Tazon Joint Stock Company paid 4.2 billion VND. Tuy Phong district earned 83 billion VND, reaching 30.7% of the estimate, an increase of 2.6%; The non-state revenue sector prospered with revenue increasing by 21.6% over the same period…

Provincial domestic budget revenue decreased

According to the assessment of the Provincial Tax Department, domestic revenue in the first quarter of this year is still lower than the estimate and behind schedule compared to the national average (30.9%). In the first 3 months of the year, total provincial budget revenue was 2,630 billion VND, reaching 26.3% of the estimate, down 13.97% over the same period, of which, domestic revenue was 2,388 billion VND, reaching 27.7% of the estimate. , down 17.4%. The main reason is that the socio-economic situation in the first months of 2023 in the world and in the country continues to fluctuate, facing common difficulties. Along with that, there are internal difficulties of the province, inflationary pressure, input prices, although “cooling down” but still at high levels; export markets are shrinking; The financial market still has potential risks; frozen real estate market; The impact of the policy of reducing land rent, water surface rent… has affected the province’s budget revenue results. However, the Industrial Production Index (IIP) is estimated to increase by 6.29% over the same period; Investment capital from the state budget is estimated at 591.6 billion VND, up 4.1% over the same period; The average consumer price index (CPI) increased by 4.39% over the same period; Direct exports are estimated at 163.06 million USD, down 11.1% over the same period… contributing to revenue from taxes and fees in the first 3 months of 2023 reaching 27.75% of the yearly estimate.

The Provincial Tax Department also said that in the revenue structure, there are 9/18 types of revenue above the general average and revenue growth over the same period such as: Local state-owned enterprise revenue reached 53.8%, estimated to increase by 56. 9%; Foreign-invested enterprises reached 35.2% of the estimate, an increase of 15.7%; Fee collection reached 34.3% of the estimate and increased by 32.1%; Other budget revenues reached 37.12% of the estimate, an increase of 22.95%; Lottery revenue reached 32.48% of the estimate, an increase of 64.34% and revenue from public land funds reached 32.38% of the estimate, an increase of 1.06%. Particularly, although revenues were above the general average, they decreased compared to the same period: Non-state revenue reached 608 billion VND, equal to 37.68% of the estimate and decreased by 21.02%. This revenue source decreased mainly from Delta-Valley Binh Thuan Company Limited by 133 billion VND, Huynh Gia Huy Joint Stock Company by 123 billion VND, and Pacific Group Joint Stock Company by 53 billion VND. Personal income tax collection was 248 billion VND, reaching 38.7% of the estimate, down 30.7%; Non-agricultural land use tax collected 3.3 billion VND, reaching 30% of the estimate, down 23.7% over the same period.


Source: Khối huyện giữ đà tăng trưởng thu ngân sách (